Landlords – Finding the right Tenant in Ontario

Veteran or newbie – finding the right tenant in Ontario is the key to your rental business success.

There is an old saying that speaks the truth….”no tenant is better than a bad tenant”. Careful consideration of who occupies your property will determine your success and cash flow over the duration of your investment!

Trying to find out the lifestyle of renters (and being able to find qualified one’s), being familiar with the rental laws and dealing with the logistics and coordination of showings and advertising effectively can be overwhelming and quite frankly- a huge time commitment in a lot of cases.

You know what you want – but do you know how to find it?
This is where the Harrison Carter Group fits into the big picture. We know tenants. We know the Laws. We know how to promote your property. We know how to find the type of tenant you are looking for. In fact – we know rentals.

Rentals are ALL we do and from the amazing feedback of our clients – it’s what we do best. We offer customized services for investors and landlords, tailored to fit your needs. Our expanding property management services can also give you peace of mind knowing that your property is being well looked after.

Our most popular package includes:

  • a tour of your property and needs assessment
  • quality photographs and staging where necessary
  • continual online advertising
  • property signage
  • all showings
  • tenant screening
  • credit and reference checks with extensive application
  • a complete tenant package including preparation and signings of lease

You work hard for your money and now it’s time to make it work for you. Perhaps you took your dream of real estate investing and have finally acquired your first property or are deep in the trenches – on your 20th deal…whatever stage you are at, we can help. There are many components to think about when you rent out your investment property.

Where will you advertise? What advertising works for your particular property? What key words grab the attention of renters? Are pictures of your property necessary? Are you available for weekend, daytime and evening showings? How can you attract a premium renter or relocation company to your home? Our experience, our knowledge of the rental market and our resources in the community, give Harrison Carter Group an edge. We know renters.

What’s the market rent for your property? What improvements make sense to renters? What improvements keep more money in your pocket? How does the current vacancy rate affect your asking price? What incentives can you offer a tenant? The average tenant looks at 7-9 properties before making a decision. You get one chance to attract them to yours.

Screening Potential Tenants
How will you screen your showings, phone calls and emails? On average, our listings get about 200-400 hits a week from potential renters. Many who inquire have not read the ad and its particulars, many who ask for an appointment are not qualified or don’t meet the property standards. We screen for qualified applicants and only show applicants that meet our requirements.

Vetting Prospective Tenants
So you think you’ve found the perfect renter….did you do a background check? Verify their employment? Did you do a credit check? Do they have an established history of paying their bills on time? Did you inquire about their previous rental history or verify previous home ownership? Do they really make what they say they do? Sure they can afford the rent…but what about their other liabilities…assets…or other financial commitments? We check all of this and more!

Rental Leases and Legal Forms
Do you have a valid lease agreement or a rental application? Can you ask for a damage deposit? What happens if the rent is late? A cheque bounces? A tenant wants to leave before their lease is up? Being familiar with the Residential Tenancies Act, how the Landlord and Tenant Board works and what legal forms to serve your tenant is an invaluable knowledge that will protect you in the long run. Do you have it?

We Build Relationships
We’ve got answers to all of these questions…and so much more. We don’t just want your “business”, we want a relationship – we want success for you, long term. Anybody can fill a property and get a commission – this is where we are different.
Built on referrals, trust and a genuine desire to get it done right, the team at Harrison Carter Group is dedicated to one thing: finding you the best fit, and the best tenant possible for your property.

Tired of dealing with tenants? Let us tailor a custom property management solution for you!

Call our team to find the right fit.

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